WRITING TIP: Eat your veggies and your criticism too.

When I bring dinner to the table, it’s not the chicken nuggets my eight year gets old excited about, it’s the veggies. Peas? She squeals. Carrots? She sighs. Mix those two together and I’m afraid she might faint from all the excitement. No, she’s not normal, and I love her for it. We, as writers, could learn a thing or two from her too.

Criticism of our writing is like eating veggies. It’d be great if all anyone ever gave us was the sweet stuff, but the fluffy compliments don’t help us grow. It’s the straightforward criticism that helps us change and improve. Sometimes it’s hard to swallow. Sometimes it makes us cry (that’s what my other kids do when the veggies come to the table), but we need it.

So, the next time someone dishes you up a big plate of criticism, plug your nose and take a big bite. You might learn to appreciate it – maybe even look forward to it, like my daughter does with her veggies. Then again, maybe not. But you won’t know ’til you try.

Eat, Carrots, Peas, Healthy, Of Course
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