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Slush Pile Stories

Gail Kamer

Gail Kamer

Gail proves that you can become an author at any phase of life. Writing full time didn’t begin for Gail until after she retired from education. Since then she has published several books and adult coloring books with more to come!


This is her Slush Pile Story:

Q. How old were you when you began writing?

I began writing plays for my siblings to perform for my parents when I was around ten years old.

During my tenure as a teacher, one of my classroom activities was published in Writing Teacher magazine. When I retired from education, I began writing full time. The journey began with picture books since I’ve spent so many years in education.

Q. Since you started writing later in life, what tools did you use to help you move toward publication?

Being green, I enrolled in several online courses, joined websites, read blogs, and bought books on how to write children’s books. The best book for me was Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul. I took a course from The Institute of Children’s Literature. In addition, I joined critique groups online and was fortunate to find a face-to-face group near me. They have all been invaluable resources.

Q. Can you tell us a little about how you first got published and the books you’ve written?

In the beginning, I didn’t realize that I needed to send out so many requests to agents and publishers. I tried a few and then since I didn’t hear back, stopped. So, I began self-publishing and have the following books:

Children’s Books:

  • Beach Birds
  • Chick-a-Bunga
  • Fang Sang
  • Secrets Hidden Within: The Levi Coffin House
  • Swoosh and Slide, Search and Glide
  • Someone’s Spying
  • The Kid Jesus
  • The Pardon
  • Wanted: Icky, Stinky, Dead Stuff: Scavengers Got to Eat, Too
  • What Is That Thing?

Gails Books
Adult Coloring Books:

  • Butterfly Theme
  • Coloring Book with Devotional Scripture Reading and Reflection
  • Tree Theme
  • Those Relaxing Musical Days of Summer

Gails Coloring Books

Q. Where can readers buy your books?

On Amazon! Click here to view my Author Page.

Q. Do you have any books in the publishing pipelines? When will they be out?

I have a middle-grade book, Alien Chronicles, which is with The Gettier Group and will be out next year. The publisher was a member of one of my critique groups and loved the manuscript.

Little Chick, a picture book, will be released in 2019 by Pen It! Publications. I happened to meet one of Pen It!’s authors at a book sale we were both working.

I have a New Adult book rising from the Slush Pile at another publishing house and is under consideration. Keep your fingers crossed.

“Good writing is forever.  Good writers live on and on through their readers.” -Gail Kamer

Q. Any advice for new or discouraged writers?

My advice to writers is to keep writing, keep revising, keep in contact with other writers and never, never, give up. I set yearly goals and monthly goals and check them often to keep me on track.

Q. What would you love to hear someone say about your books?

My dream is to hear a child say about one of my books, “Read it again.”



Gail is married and lives in Kentucky. She’s in a mixed marriage—Gail went to the University of Kentucky while her husband went to the University of Louisville. Those are fighting words in Kentucky but they’ve worked it out. Gail has lived in Kentucky and Texas and traveled to all fifty states plus nine countries! Besides writing and travel, she loves reading and being on the beach.

Awards and Interviews

  • Swoosh and Slide, Search and Glide received a 5 star rating from Reader’s Favorite.
  • Chick-a-Bunga received a 4 star rating from Reader’s Favorite.

Blog interview by Jen Selinsky:

Radio interview by Steve Bowers on WTJS in Jackson, Tennessee

Gail’s Social Media

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Her Website:

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Thanks for sharing your story, Gail!



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