Writing Prompt Wednesday #10

Writing Prompt Wednesdays

Reply with a book title based on the photograph below.

If it gets your creative juices flowing, don’t stop there – keep writing! Feeling brave? Share a link to your writing in the comments below. We’d love to read them!

Ready. Set. GO!


img cred: pixabay.com




Writing Prompt Wednesday #9

Writing Prompt Wednesdays

You know the drill!

Write the title for a book based on this photograph.

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Writing Prompt Wednesday #6

Write, Writing Prompt Wednesdays


Imaginary bonus points if you can come up with an book title / idea that’s not YA or Romance. 😉 Not sure I can, but you guys are amazing. Surprise me!

Let hear those titles!

Write the title for a book based on this photograph.

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Writers – Trust Your Gut

Revise, Survive, Write

I wrote a chapter book. It was fun, and silly, and my gut told me I needed to make the main character a couple years older. What did I do? I told my gut to be quiet and sent the manuscript off to an agent. She loved the first three chapters and requested the full manuscript – then she passed. She loved the story, but the main character seemed… too young. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!


Why in the WORLD do we writers not trust our gut? It is always (and I mean, ALWAYS) right. So why do we ignore and then kick ourselves later for not listening? THEN do it all over again?

I could go down a long wordy path about why we ignore our gut, but what we all really need to know is… STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

thought-2123970_960_720If your gut keeps whispering an idea, listen.

If it tells you your manuscript still isn’t ready – don’t submit.

If it tells you your favorite scene is dragging your story down – cut it.

I really hate my gut sometimes. Sometimes I don’t want to hear what it has to say, but that doesn’t change that in the long run, my gut has my back and is nudging me towards a better manuscript. Yours is too – so lets give it a break, listen up and get ourselves published again.




Writing Prompt Wednesday #4

Write, Writing Prompt Wednesdays


I’ve got another great picture to get your creative juices flowing.

Write the title or opening sentence for a book based on this photograph.

Add it to the comments below or tweet it HERE.


Y’all are so creative I love to see where your minds take you!

Writing Prompt Wednesday #3

Write, Writing Prompt Wednesdays


In honor of all things back to school and me being married to a teacher, here’s your writing prompt image for this week. Same rules as always…

Write the opening sentence or title for this book.

Add it to the comments below or tweet it HERE.


Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Stop procrastinating and start writing with one simple rule.

Survive, Write


typeAny other writers struggle to start writing? Once I get going, I’m good, but what I struggle with is sitting down and putting my fingers to the keyboard! How about you?

This little exercise has saved me more than once when the writing had to get done. It’s the 5-minute rule. And it’s about as simple as it comes.

Here’s how it works:

1.) Sit down to write,

2.) Set a timer for five minutes

3.) Write for at least five minutes.

That’s it!

If five minutes rolls around and you’re still not feeling it, you can quit for the day (yes… really… but that rarely happens). Most often, when the timer goes off I’m lost in a new idea, or wrapped up in a plot twist and don’t want to come out any time soon. So, I keep writing, for a lot longer than five minutes.

Work Person Think Professional Man Laptop Young

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself!

The five minute rule is a great one for anything you procrastinate at. I use it with my son who hates to practice his trumpet. Works like a charm!

stopwatch-1749080_960_720If you’re struggling to actually start your writing, give this rule a try. A little investment in time almost always reaps a much more valuable chunk of writing time, because once you get going, it’s hard to stop. And honestly, what have you got to lose? Just five minutes.